Student Experience

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The online Master of Science in Nutritional Science (MSNS) program is designed for a variety of candidates, including those with an educational foundation and working professionals in health-related fields who want to expand their knowledge base to include the specialization. 

Our department works at the nexus of epidemiology, genetics, public health, cell biology and medicine, examining the human organism from the molecular to the system level. The ultimate goal of nutrition teaching and research is to improve the quality of life of individuals by minimizing morbidity and maximizing longevity. 

As society’s attention to nutrition continues to increase, professionals well-versed in nutritional science are in high demand. As a graduate of the UT Austin online MSNS program, you will emerge equipped to immediately impact the field and influence awareness of nutritional health, whether in a clinical, community, or private setting.

Program Highlights & Opportunities to Personalize Your Educational Experience



Designed specifically for busy professionals, our rigorous yet flexible curriculum offers students the choice of completing the degree over one or two years.

Two Concentrations

Degree Specialization Options

You can choose to specialize in health promotion and disease prevention or biochemical and functional nutrition, although you are not locked into either specialization.

Jade G., 2020 Graduate

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"The University of Texas at Austin’s MSNS program expanded my nutrition knowledge through innovative teaching and up-to-date, evidence-based research. By choosing the nutritional biochemistry and functional nutrition pathway, I was able to build a strong foundation in nutritional biochemistry and built on that throughout the courses in nutrigenomics, immunology, cancer, and nutrition as medicine. 

Throughout the classes, we learned how to apply the material to specific individuals and create informational guides for the public and fellow healthcare professionals, which I found applicable outside the program. Learning how to evaluate current literature and create research studies has been essential as I continue to work in pediatric research. 

The program expanded my understanding of preventative medicine and the diverse impact nutrition and lifestyle factors have on our health. I am grateful for the extensive knowledge I gained and am excited to apply it in the future as I continue my medical education."

Scott M., 2020 Graduate

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"I am currently a first-year medical student at Texas A&M University College of Medicine. My Masters of Science in Nutritional Sciences did wonders for my medical applications and was an excellent talking point in all of my interviews. More than that, it gave me a leg up in my first-semester medical school biochemistry courses, and has absolutely helped me in narrowing down my potential future specialties as a physician. 

The material learned in the program is relevant, cutting edge, and exciting. I can’t speak highly enough about the program and the course it has set me on for future success. "