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Master's in Nutritional Science, 100% Online

Earn a master's degree in nutrition online from The University of Texas at Austin. Enjoy the convenience and flexibility of a 100% online format while knowing that human nutrition and public health impact are woven into every aspect of this program.
10 Online Courses

10 Online Courses

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1- or 2-Year Track

Two Concentrations

2 Possible Concentrations

No GRE Required

No GRE Required

A Healthy Career, A Healthy Society.

As our understanding of the importance of nutrition in human health continues to increase, professionals who are well-versed in nutritional science are in high demand. The University of Texas at Austin’s Master of Science in Nutritional Science (MSNS) degree program is designed for a variety of candidates, including students and working professionals in nutrition, wellness and other health-related fields who want to expand their knowledge base.

Earn a top credential while maintaining balance.

Online MSNS students enjoy the flexibility of online learning, giving them more control over the pace of their studies than a traditional degree program but with the same academic rigor. Degree candidates can successfully fit the curriculum into their busy lives and, in many cases, effortlessly apply their advanced studies to the workplace.

Brace for positive impact.

Now more than ever, nutritional health is recognized as an inextricable component of physical wellness, with influence on human development and disease prevention. As a program graduate, you will emerge equipped to immediately impact the field and affect awareness of nutritional health, whether in a clinical, community, or private setting.


Two concentrations - your choice.

Complete ten courses (30 credit hours) — five that are core to the MSNS and five that are specialized to each track. 

5 core courses + 5 elective courses = program completion
Core Program Courses


Each course in the program is taught by faculty in the Department of Nutritional Sciences at The University of Texas at Austin.

Every MSNS student takes these five core courses, which form the basis of the program's science-driven, human-focused curriculum. 

  1. Advances in Nutritional Sciences I Macronutrient Metabolism
  2. Advances in Nutritional Sciences II Micronutrient Metabolism 
  3. Experimental Design and Statistics
  4. Advanced Experimental Design and Statistics 
  5. Study Design and Research Methods
Health Promotion & Disease Prevention Concentration


Explore the treatment and prevention of nutrition-related chronic disease through current professional guidelines and behavior-based intervention.

  1. Theories of Nutrition Behavior
  2. Obesity 
  3. Nutrition Through the Lifecycle 
  4. Nutrition and Disease Prevention 
  5. Community Nutrition 
Biochemical & Functional Nutrition Concentration


Understand the cellular and molecular reaction to inflammation, genetics, food, and disease. 

  1. Nutrition as Medicine
  2. Nutrition and Cancer
  3. Nutrition and Immunology
  4. Nutrigenomics 
  5. Molecular Nutritional Sciences

Important Dates

Applications are reviewed on a rolling basis until the final deadline of the admissions cycle. Our program follow's the University's semester calendar, with classes offered three times a year.

Application Period:December 1-July 15
Priority Deadline:June 1
Classes Begin:August
Application Period:August 1-November 1
Priority Deadline:October 1
Classes Begin:January

Please note: We recommend that applicants apply to UT Austin before the priority deadline. This is to ensure their materials are processed in a timely manner.