Program Overview

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Science-Driven, Human-Focused

Program Features

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Accelerated Completion

Choose between 2 tracks and complete the program in 1 year or 2 years, depending on learner's availability. Plus, no thesis required. 

100% Online

100% Online

This online degree offers the rigor and excellence of the on-campus graduate program to a wider audience and provides the learner with more control over the pace of their studies.

Two Concentrations

Choice of Concentration

Complete 10 courses (30 credit hours, seven-weeks long each) — 5 that are core to the MSNS and 5 that are specialized to each concentration

Graduate Student at UT Austin

UT Austin Graduate Student Services

Learners have full access to The University of Texas at Austin student services, libraries, student discounts and campus facilities and can lean on the support network of fellow students and accessible faculty. 

Immediately Relevant Content

Translatable Content

Professional students can immediately apply industry-aligned and challenge-based learning strategies to the workplace, whether in a clinical, community, food service, wellness, or private setting.

Enhance Your Practice Skills

Enhance Your Practice Skills

Gain science-based knowledge and understanding to apply in various areas of practice.  Based in nutritional sciences, this provide you the opportunity to learn.

The 100% online Master of Science in Nutritional Sciences (MSNS) offers advanced training in nutritional science to current and future medical, health, and wellness professionals. It also prepares individuals for teaching in community colleges; administration in public health programs; and technical positions at food, pharmaceutical, and chemical laboratories.

The online MSNS program is a 30-credit-hour program consisting of 10 total courses. Of those 10 courses, 5 are core courses that all students in the program will take. The other 5 courses are concentration courses that allow students to focus on certain areas of nutritional sciences depending on their professional and academic interests.

Choice of Concentration

Health Promotion & Disease Prevention
Biochemical & Functional Nutrition

Choice of Timeline 

1-year completion 
2-year completion

Student Voices

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"I'm profoundly grateful I discovered UT Austin's online master's degree in nutritional sciences. UT Austin's program stands out for its multi-disciplinary approach to nutritional education and its emphasis on teaching cutting-edge science. Many of the faculty are not nutritionists or dietitians but are leading experts in other scientific disciplines. It's rare and invaluable to study nutrition and health through the lens of experts in scientific disciplines beyond dietetics. The faculty boasts leading figures in microbiology, genetics, and immunology, providing a unique and multi-faceted perspective on emerging nutritional science. Additionally, each professor embodies both brilliance and warmth. They truly care about your success!"

 - Tara M., 2022 Graduate